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We are very pleased to introduce some medical health optimising treatments at Cosmetology Clinic.

Our partner Dr Fiona McRae MB ChB FRCA offers private consultations for hormonal health conditions, weight loss and medical aesthetics.

Hormonal Health


Bio –Identical Hormone Replacement for hormonal health conditions and to improve the wellbeing and way of life of our customers.

Dr Fiona creates personalised treatment plans for each patient, optimising their hormones, health, and way of life. Within our clinic, we operate with discretion to treat you as an individual, because we know there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to health.

The importance of Hormones

Hormones, produced by the glands that make up our endocrine system, control every function in the body; any imbalance in these can have an impact on virtually every body system and organ. Hormonal imbalances can occur at any stage of life, and with ageing there is an inevitable decline in progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone.

Using Bio Identical Hormones we treat the following conditions:

  • Women’s health
  • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) Treatments & Symptoms
  • Perimenopause Treatments & Symptoms
  • Menopause Treatments & Symptoms

Men’s Health


Hormones are just as important for men as they are for women. In fact, both men and women produce the same hormones, only in different amounts.

Andropause, the male equivalent of menopause, has begun to attract more attention from the media and medical community in recent years. Men entering middle age may report a loss of ‘joie de vivre’ – many start to question their lives, their relationships and their work.

We offer treatment for male conditions-

  • Andropausecs

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)


Hormones remain important at all ages and are essential for bone density, brain function, vaginal and urethral tissues, skin and the cardiovascular health. Balancing and replenishing these hormones is important for energy, mood and wellbeing.

Every patient is different and has a unique endocrine system. We use a comprehensive consultation and appropriate tests in order to evaluate the full picture. If a hormonal imbalance is diagnosed, a treatment plan of bio identical hormones is devised specifically for the individual patient.

What Are Bio-Identical Hormones


These hormones exactly mimic the hormones that are naturally produced in your body. They are derived from diosgenin, which is sourced from Mexican yams and are then compounded in a specialised pharmacy.

They are 100% identical in chemical structure to our own hormones, and their effects and benefits replicate them closely. Bio-identical hormones can therefore be very beneficial to patients who have a hormone imbalance or have previously tried other hormonal medications, including HRT, and experienced unwanted effects. Men and women can benefit from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) because it can provide relief from a wide range of symptoms experienced during menopause stages and andropause. Each prescription is created especially for you, to exactly treat your imbalance.

How Saxenda® Works

Saxenda® addresses one of your body’s natural responses to weight loss.

  • Your body naturally produces an appetite hormone known as glucagon like-peptide (GLP-1) that helps to regulate your hunger
  • Saxenda® works like GLP-1 by regulating your appetite, which can lead to eating fewer calories and losing weight
  • Saxenda® is not a stimulant

A Full consultation is required and some pre-existing health conditions may make you unsuitable to use Saxenda

Full details available on request

Weight Loss Clinic


Being overweight or obese can have serious long term health impacts, such as increasing your risk of suffering heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. If you have a BMI of 30 or more, or of 27 or more and have other health complications such as diabetes, you should consider losing weight for the sake of your health.

We can advise on how to lose weight, with a diet and exercise plan. However, if you are struggling to lose weight, you may want to use a weight loss aid to help you lose weight faster than dieting alone.

Weight loss aids can change your attitude to food and what makes you feel full, and some can stop your body from absorbing a third of the fat you consume. You should not take these medications if you are a healthy weight, and you should only take them under a doctor’s guidance.

The Saxenda Injection is used as an aid for people needing to lose weight. Containing liraglutide, the injection reduces appetite and assists with weight loss.


Consultation and initial injection pen


Subsequent Injection Pens


Vitamin B12 Injections


Vitamin B12, What is it?

An essential nutrient for our bodies. We need it to create blood and nerve cells and DNA.

What is we don’t get enough?

Vitamin B12 defiency can cause;

Tiredness/Lethargy. Poor memory/Confusion . Tingling & Numbness in hands and feet. Depression and low mood. Slow metabolism.

Who may need a B12 Injection?

Diabetics , Anemics, Older adults, Vegans, Vegetarians, Heavy Drinkers, those with digestive disorders or have had weight loss surgeries.

Recommended Administration

Initial treatment 4 injections ( 1every 2 weeks)

Maintenance 4-12 weeks as desired

Good to Know

Vitamin B12 is administered in an intra muscular injection, is a quick process with minimal side effects. Vitamin B12 is water soluble and your body cannot store too much.

Certain medications make this treatment unsuitable- a full consultation is undertaken prior to treatment

Price 1 Injection £18
Course of 4 £60

Vitamin D Injections

Vitamin D, What is it?

The Sunshine Vitamin, vital for absorption of other vitamins and minerals( particularly calcium) and for blood and bone health

What is we don’t get enough?

Vitamin D defiency can cause;

Joint and Bone pain. Osteoporosis. Low Immunity and Fatigue. Fluctuating Insulin Levels

Who may need a Vit D Injection?

Diabetics , Menopausal Women, Vegans, Lactose Intolerance, those with Osteoporosis or who take regaulr medications such as laxatives, steroids and cholesterol reducing drugs.

Recommended Administration

1 300000 iu dose 4-6 monthly

Good to Know

Vitamin D is administered in an intra muscular injection, is a quick process with minimal side effects. Vitamin D is fat soluble and your body can store too much.

Certain medications make this treatment unsuitable- a full consultation is undertaken prior to treatment

Price £60

Medical Aesthetics


We offer non surgical procedures, anti-ageing I wrinkle relaxing njections and dermal fillers. Administered by our aesthetic doctor, Dr MacRae, we offer a fully comprehensive consultation and health check before procedures and provide excellent after care and advice.

Treatments Available

Anti Ageing Injections

BOTOX is now a brand name in its own right like Hoover and Prozac- and for good reason: it just plain works. BOTOX® injections are an affordable treatment that anyone can access. Unlike some cosmetic medical treatments, they’re suitable for virtually anyone who has wrinkles or other skin lines that they want to remove. This includes people who want to fight the signs of natural ageing, or those who’ve developed lines from exposure to the sun.

Injectable anti ageing treatments are a quick and convenient way to smooth out those lines on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth without any need for surgery. The small injections are administered directly in to the muscles of the treatment area. Lines and wrinkles are caused by repeated use of the muscles and injecting into the muscle reduces the activity thereby reducing lines and preventing formation of new lines.

Consultation Required

Prices: 1 Area £120, 2 Areas £190, 3 Areas £260

Dermal Fillers

Fillers can literally transform your looks, adding volume and filling lines and wrinkles. Combined with a local anesthetic, dermal fillers are injected into the skin to give your face a natural volume, leaving your skin completely hydrated and youthful.

For smoothing and plumping lines and wrinkles, popular treatment areas include lips, cheeks, chin and jawline.

Most filler are temporary lasting between 6 and 18 months depending on area to be treated and product used. In your full consultation we will discuss you desired outcome, type of filler and longevity.

Consultation Required

Lip line from


Lip body from


Mid face (cheeks) from


Jawline from


Skin boosters (per treatment)


Course of 3 or 5 recommended

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